General Radiology

Doctors prescribe general radiology exams when they wish to obtain images of body parts they cannot see with the naked eye (usually lungs or bones). These exams are done using a MINIMAL DOSE OF RADIATION. They are fast, simple, and frequently used.

These exams are prescribed to investigate a suspected fracture, arthritis, infection, or other conditions.

Exam offered

Make an appointment

+Make an appointment

- This is a walk-in service offered at all our clinics.

+Duration of the exam

- About 5 to 10 minutes per exam.
- Because this is a walk-in service, the waiting time varies depending on traffic.
- You should allow 30 to 60 minutes for the entire duration of your visit.

+Cost of the exam

The cost of this exam is covered by the RAMQ (free of charge).


You must register at the front desk upon arrival at the clinic.

Make sure to bring the following with you:
- Your health insurance card (RAMQ)
- A valid prescription signed by your doctor


No preparation is required for an appointment in general radiology.

+The exam

After registering, a member of our team will call you and escort you to the changing room where you will put on an exam gown. You will also need to remove your glasses, jewellery, and other metal objects that may interfere with the image quality of the region to be X-rayed.

A technologist will ask you to take different positions for a series of images.

It is important to carefully follow the instructions in order to carry out the exam correctly and to ensure quality images.


The X-rays are reviewed by the radiologist after your departure. The final report is sent to your doctor within 24-48 hours.

+Remember to...

- Notify the technologist if you are pregnant or think you might be
- Bring your health insurance card (RAMQ)
- Bring a valid prescription signed by a physician